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For the first time since 1988 Falcons won both the League and Reserves pennants
last Saturday in front of a huge crowd at Bulgarra Oval.

LEAGUE Falcons 12.10 to Rovers 6.14
Falcons League side ended up on top of the ladder for season 2010, but only on percentage
from Rovers and both had won 2 games each for the season so the grandfinal saw the two
teams take to the field with steely resolve. The crowd had built to nearly 1500 and were
in for a terrific display of tough, hard football. The first quarter was a tight and even
affair with both teams showing why they were the best in the league for 2010. A knee
injury to Macca late in the quarter saw the forward line without one of its spearheads
for the rest of the game.  Falcons went to quarter time 3.4 to Rovers 2.1. The second
quarter saw Falcons defence come right into the game with great defensive work by
Dave Drummond, Dean O’Brien, Ben Brady and Cameron Ling that kept the Rovers goalless
and we went to the half time break Falcons 5.6 to Rovers 2.5.The third quarter saw a
serious knee injury to Ash Milligan one of the Falcons most influential players and he
was taken straight off and took no further part in the game. This galvanised the side
and they started to gain supremacy around the ground. With Shaun Sullivan drawing two
players in the forward line and Dan Fuller marking superbly and his accurate kicking saw
the Falcons go into the three quarter time break 9.8 to Rovers 4.10.The last quarter was
a hard fought affair with Rovers never giving in and but for inaccurate kicking by Rovers
the final score did not reflect the high quality game from both teams. Falcons ran out
winners by 32 points to make it a double celebration. This was a supreme team effort by
all players and they should be proud of the way they played for each other and the club.

Well deserved.Final Score was Falcons 12.10 to Rovers 6.14 with Falcons Dan
Fuller was B.O.G. 

RESERVES 9.7 to Sharks 8.6
Dampier Sharks supporters turned up in numbers to support their team who although
losing to Falcons in the last game of the home and away season, had claimed the
minor premiership 3 weeks previously and who had then beaten the Falcons in the
2nd semi to get the weeks break and go straight into the grandfinal. Both teams were
confident of their chances and when the game got underway Dampier got off to a flyer
scoring 4 goals and keeping Falcons goalless to go to the first break Sharks 4.3 to
Falcons 0.2. The second quarter saw some very tough and hard football played with
Falcons pushing forward regularly to get on the board with 2 goals and keep them in
the game. Half time saw Sharks 4.4 to Falcons 2.4
The third quarter saw the tempo step up a notch or two and Falcons started to get a bit
of run thanks to a number of players like Les Van Le, Mat Nowotny and Dayne Corps
experience playing loose in the backline. Four goals saw the Falcons take the lead by
a point at three quarter time to set up an exciting last quarter. Falcons 6.5 to Sharks 6.4.
The last quarter was a nail biter and saw Falcons down to 3 on the bench and with the
lead changing a number of times it was Ben Walsh that took a number of telling marks
putting the ball into our forward 50 time and again. Les Van Le kicked two goals to tie
the scores with less than 6 minutes to go and then Josh Stanley kicked a goal to put us
a goal in front. The siren finally sounded with Falcons winning by 7 points in an excellent
game of football to make it 4 flags in a row for the Reserves. Congratulations to Ben
Brierley on his 50th game for the Falcons. 

Final Score - Falcons 9.7 to Sharks 8.6 Falcons player Les Van Le was
named B.O.G.

Check out all the photos from the Grandfinal
camera League   |  camera Reserves   | 
- A massive thanks to Miranda (Westy's wife) for taking all the photos  through out the
year and also to Stacey, Jenna and Daisy who pitched in when Miranda wasn't there!!
I know everyone enjoys coming onto the site to check them out. Thanks again ladies
 - much appreciated by the club and everyone else!

A Big thanks must also go out to Peta too for writing up the reports for each game -
always a pleasure to jump onto the site and read about the game - Thank You!! 

 2010 npfl grandinfinal webjpg

(If you'd like to wish the boys all the best for the Grandfinal this weekend - email Westy
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we'll post your comments on this page) GO FALCONS!!

One more game to go - big GF today - GO Falcons!! Goodluck to both League and
Reserves - lets make the most of this opportunity and bring it both home boys.


Snaker - Give it to them boys then ROCK ON ALL NIGHT LONG!!

Rod Jones
- All the best for both the ressies and league teams tomorrow.  Enjoy the
contest, and the rewards that go with winning.

Amy Hoffman - GO FALCONS!!Good luck to each and every one of you! We know you
will do us all proud! We will be cheering our hearts out from the side lines, start till

Larry Kickett
- Congratulations in making it to the Grand Final that was the easy part

now you need to show them why you are the best team. Some famous quotes from Wins
ton Churchill sum it up. Good luck and I look forward to hearing the results. “A
pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in
every difficulty.” &  “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. “


Karen and Shane Davy - Pud and I would like to wish all the players good luck in the
Grand Final.  Even though we don't live in Karratha any more we miss the football club
which was a major part of our lives.  The boys playing became like family.  To have
another Grand Final would be a thrill for both of us.  Play well and play hard.  A great
job to all the Committee once again this year.  It is hard work but having the team
make the Grand Final seems all worthwhile, we urge others to take some time for
year to join the committee and become an even closer member to the football
community.  The Newsletter that Westy and Peta do is one of the best ideas that
keep people like Shane and myself informed of the news of the Club.  Well done to
Falcons for getting to the Grand Final, now go out and get a win. 

Love Pud and Karen xx

Lexie Johnstone Congratulations to Falcons for getting to the Grand Final for 2010. "Fly high". 
Do the Club proud but most of all - do it for yourselves!!!! Love to all.  

Brad Snell & Kerry Mullenger - Good luck to the Falcons.  


Hairdo & Faye - Well done Falcons for getting the home GF. You make your own luck in
grand final’s.  

Hairdo & Faye


Reserves: Falcons 18.5 def Rovers 7.5 

Bart with a nice bump on one of the Rovers players.





LEAGUE Falcons 9.10 to Rovers 5.10.

DSC00438- Falcons win out over Rovers

The league game started late due to a lighting issue but Falcons managed to remain
focused and delivered the ball into the forward line with precision to Shaun Sullivan
who kicked 3 straight and  Macca kicking 1, the Falcons went to the first break
managing to keep Rovers goaless.Falcons 4.2 to Rovers 0.2.

The second quarter showed that the southern end was the scoring end with a strong
westerly breeze blowing and Rovers began to dominate play and kept the Falcons
scoreless. Falcons 4.2 to Rovers 1.5.

The third quarter provided supporters from both sides with many highlights, the
endeavour and commitment from both sides superb and the ball went between the
backlines numerous times with Rovers outscoring the Falcons for the quarter to go to
the last break with only a goal in it. Falcons 5.6 to Rovers 4.6

The last quarter had the crowd getting involved and with Rovers snatching the lead at
the 18 minute mark and peppering away at the goals it was an inspired move to bring
Sully into the backline as a loose man and he took 2 telling marks. With Ben Brady,
Dean O’Brien and Ash Milligan Falcons managed to feed the ball forward to Vic Belotti
who kicked the first of 4 late goals to swing the game back in Falcons favour. Falcons
9.10 to Rovers 5.10.

The end score did not reflect the intensity and closeness of the game and it will be
with trepidation that we meet Rovers again in the Grandfinal on the 4th September.


RESERVES - Sharks 8.8 to Falcons 5.4


Sharks prove too strong for Falcons

Both teams headed into Saturdays final determined to stamp their authority on the
game after the Falcons win2 weeks ago and it was an even contest in the first with only 2 

points separating the teams at quarter time. Falcons 1.0 to Sharks 1.2. The second
term produced more of the same with neither team giving any ground and at the main
break it was Falcons 2.1 to Sharks 3.4.

The third term saw a resurgence from Falcons in which they kicked 3 goals to claw the

margin back to one point at three quarter time break Falcons 5.4 to Sharks 5.5 

The last term saw Sharks keep Falcons scoreless to run away with a solid win and take

the weeks break. The final score was Sharks 8.8 to Falcons 5.4. Falcons will need to

regroup and travel to Hedland to play Rovers to secure the double GF at home.


camera Click camera to View Game Photos

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