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The league side played some good footy in patches and really had a chance to win but we failed to deliver a knock out blow and were left hanging in there by some rovers inaccurate kicking. The rovers came out and kicked the first 3 goals and after we had the ball for as much of the quarter as they did it took us a while to get our first goal. We managed to go into the first break only 3 points down after some late goals. The second quarter was similar to the first where we had lots of the ball but couldn’t put any pressure on the score board with horrible kicking for goals. The rovers weren’t much better in front of goals but they did kick 3 goals to 1 for the quarter to only be 14points in front at half time. The boys came out and really wanted to give it a crack and get the win but we just weren’t good enough on the day. We only managed the one goal in the 3rd and the rovers kicked 2. In the last quarter it felt like we could come out and get the win but after the rovers kicked the 1st goal we struggled to get the points on the board only kicking one for the quarter. We ended up going down by 17points. There was still positives to come out of the game with the loss hopefully delivering us a wake up call to work harder so we can win the flag again this year.

FALCONS     (7 . 12) 54
ROVERS        (9 . 17) 71
BOG – Danny Formanzyk, Chris Wailu, Michael Martyn, Straughnie




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On Saturday the 23rd of May we had our first of 4 bus trips for the year and we came home with out a win in either grade. In the reserves game the boys started very slowly letting the rovers kicking the first 3 goals early on. The boys started to get going eventually kicking the next 2 to only be down by 10 points at quarter time. It was pretty tight second quarter with both teams going goal for goal with the rovers managing another goal late in the quarter and we up by 15 points at half time. The boys wanted to come out better in the second half but they were missing some of the usual runners and were lacking in forward line pace. The rovers kept running and moving the ball well kicking 4 goals to none in the 3rd quarter. The boys needed to really lift to get back into it but they weren’t able to eventually losing by 43 points. The reserves had some good players with Rhys James continuing some good form racking up the touches all game while Rory McDonald worked hard throughout the day. Adrian Thirdy showed some of the other players how to use a big body as he crashed packs and tackled hard all game.

FALCONS    (6 . 4)    40
ROVERS     (12 . 11) 83
BOG – Rhys James, Jordan Perkuvitch, Rory McDonald, Adrian Third.

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On Saturday the 14th of May we had another function with this one being our players auction. The night was a huge success even though there wasn’t as many people there as we hoped. The night raised $11,500 for the night with a variety of raffles and games as well as the auction. The auction was MC on the night by Ash Milligan who did a great job getting the cash out of bidders.

The players in each of the groups above will now have there best and fairest votes counted up at the end of the year and the group who tally’s the most votes will win the owner of that group $6000.

The owners of the groups are:

Group 1 $2,600 – Danny and Mick Formanzyk and Rhys and Michael James.

Group 2 $2,300 – Narks , Sully, Rhett and Barty.

Group 3 $1,750 – Mat and Cam Nowotny and Adrian Thirdy.

Group 4 $850    -  Chad and Clint Crudeli, Cameron Ling

Group 5 $2,000 – Towny

Group 6 $1,500 – The Drummos.


The night was a huge success so well done to Sully and Dale for organising the night.






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In the league game there was a massive amount of outs with Mick F, Rhett Thomas, Mudge, Vicktor B, Toodles and Lez all missing from the week before the boys new they needed to work hard to win. We started off flying kicking 6 goals to one in the first quarter but that’s were it stopped. It was as though we went to sleep for the next 2 quarters and only some wayward kicking from the Sharks kept us in it. With the score at 47 to 34 at half time all the moment was with the Sharks although we were still in front. It was as though the boys were only doing just enough to keep in front in the 3rd quarter trying to hold of a “up and about” sharks team. The sharks kept running hard and making the boys work. We went in with a 13 point lead at the last break and needed to work hard in the last quarter to make sure we had a win. With the last quarter starting our boys switched back on and started to work harder for the ball going in hard and moving it forward. With Gav, Mangos and Wailu working hard through the middle we started to win clearances and kick some goals. We had a good quarter kicking 3 goals 5 to 2 goals 2, which was enough to make sure we had a win. With a few of the senior players out the younger brigade had to step up and although it wasn’t with the usual polish we managed a hard fought win.

FALCONS    (12 . 13)  85
SHARKS      (8 . 9)      57
BOG – Dayne Corps, Mangos, Benny Brady, Wailu, I Drummond.


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With the league side missing 6 players, this resulted in the reserves team missing a few also. However with the depth of the club at the moment you wouldn’t have known it as they went about smashing the sharks from the start. The first quarter had the score 30 to 1 with the boys jumping out of the blocks early. The second quarter was more of the same with a 7 goal to none quarter. The guys went in with a massive half time lead 76 to 2. After moving a few players around the boys came out after half not wanting to let up, and continued there dominate display. There was some very good performances for our side, Brenno is starting to find fitness and wont be in the reserves team for to much longer after he kicked 7 goals. Rhys James had a good day on the wing running all over the ground and kicking 5 goals. Jordan Perkusich is starting to find his feet more and more and cant be to far away from a league game after a BOG performance and 2 goals. Shamus also had a good game after coming back fro injury during the preseason and will only need to find some fitness to be considered for a league game.

FALCONS (12 . 13) 146
SHARKS   (2 . 4)      16
BOG – Brenno, Rhysa, Jordan, Barty, Chad Crudeli.











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The league was a lot tougher game with the swans definitely an improved side on last year. They ran hard into our defence ensuring our midfielders did the same. We got off to a great start kicking the first 3 goals but then the Swans bounced back to kick the next 2. The game felt really tight through the first quarter with the swans fighting hard. Our boys did a great job in sticking with them and then running off, something we needed to improve on from last weeks game. The forwards and backline were excellent with Brad Ryan kicking 3 first quarter goals to keep us 2 goals up at quarter time. The 2ndquarter sore us open up a handy lead kicking 6 goals to 2 for the term and leaving our selves with a nice buffer to go into half time with. However the midfielders were starting to loose the clearances around the ground as the swans started to sweep the ball out the back. Coming into the 2nd half we were 2 players down with Mick Martyn, in his 50th game, sidelined with a cork and Toodle’s with a suspected broken ankle. We needed to keep the run up and with some fresh legs coming through the midfield we were able to maintain the run and keep up with the swans. The drummo twins down back with Benny Brady managed to stop the swans getting into any sort of run while our forwards, lead by Sully (6goals) kept the score board ticking over. By 3 quarter time we were 12 goals up and all that remained to sort out was the final margin. The game didn’t slow in pace as the swans kept attacking but the lads down back were more then up to the challenge.


FALCONS   19  19 – 133
SWANS        6    5  – 41
BOG’s – Mick and Danny Formanzyk, Brad Ryan, Ben Brady, Chris Wailu.





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On Saturday the 7th May we took on the South Hedland Swans at home. The reserves started us off with a smashing win over them. The boys dominated from the start kicking 6.4 in the 1st quarter. With such a strong squad at the moment the quality of the reserves team is ever improving especially with Gavin Jacks back from his broken collar bone last year running around for them. He had a dominate performance and you can’t see him not playing league this week. The second half of the game continued much like the first with the boys smashing the score board. Some seagull like work gifted Mat Nowotny with 4 goals, all of which were no more then 15m out on his own.

Some excellent running through the middle from Rhys James, Rory McDonald, Jordan Perkuvitch, Bart Dimer and AJ kept the score board ticking over with the score reading 126 to 0 at 3 quarter time. The last quarter sore the boys keep going kicking another 6 goals, however they allowed the swans to get one late in the game.


Some of the notable goal kickers were

A Third 7, M Nowots 4, B Shocker 3, B Smyth 2
FALCONS –   25 . 15 - 165
SWANS -   1  .   0 – 6


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