CLUB NEWS 2009 President Review
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Sunday, 28 February 2010 00:00

After a successful year cuminating in both the League and Reserves making the grand final in our 30th year, the awards night provided the players and supporters with an opportunity to reflect on the year.

Presidents Review

With another season over and most of the hard work done we now have a chance to reflect on yet another successful season for the Falcons Football Club…..


We started with a strong and large committee for 2009 which was fantastic to see, unfortunately not everyone could put in the time and dedication needed to be on a committee and our numbers did reduce. Nether the less the committee continued to do a fantastic job and put in an unbelievable amount of work throughout the year!

The next task was for the committee to find both a League and Reserves coach. After advertising for several weeks it was proving to be more difficult then we had hoped. With the need for pre-season to get underway and still no prospects for coach in sight Dylan and Micky stepped up and started to get some formality into the trainings. I was then approached by two young ladies who had been attending 'Boot Camp' advising that Lisa – the Boot Camp instructor – would be able to take the boys for one night a week. With that Lisa did a fantastic job whipping the boys into shape which I believe helped immensely. Thankfully not long after two long time Falcon Members applied for the coaching positions  - Chris 'Polly' Ryan and John 'Sully' Sullivan. This meant preparations for our 2009 season were now in full swing.

We then held our first function for 2009 – the jumper presentation. I believe this event cemented to all in the club that we had made the right decision with coaches. The enthusiasm that night was great to see and was just the beginning of what would be a very successful season!

There were more functions to follow that I believe were again a testament to the work the committee were doing with the Quiz night a real success, a hilarious dress up night for the 100s Club and a great time had by all at the Roebourne Races. Not to mention the upcoming (at the time of writing) Presentation Night which I am sure will be enjoyed by all.

As the season progressed through it became apparent that both Falcons teams were a real shot for the Grand Final with the possibility of a double header been held at our home ground. It was much celebrated when this became a reality.

To the Leadership group that helped the teams throughout the year you have done a great job. Remember that all players new and old look to you for support and encouragement during the good and bad times!

Once again the committee and many others were back under the pump preparing for the big day. Yet again the committee came together to deliver an organised and well prepared event which only benefited the financial state and reputation of the club.

With Grand Final day finally here we saw a fantastic effort put in by the Reserves team to make it a Premiership hat trick for them!! Congratulations to all the boys out there and to the ones who missed out but helped get them there all the same! To the League team – commiserations. However with that said I hope the entire playing group will become stronger in their campaign for the flag next year!

Below is all the people I would like to personally thank for their help this season. We couldn't have done it without them:

Terry Milligan, Josh Giles, Chris Ryan, Peta Mott John Sullivan, Shaun Sullivan,Dylan Ogilvie, Sheldon Hawkins, Marg Stanley, Jenna Giles, Brett McCormack, Darren Bowden, Lexi Johnstone, Trent Stanley, Les & Tamara Heckingbottom, Westy, Beryl & Wes Lisa Cann, Will Milroy, Donna Thomas, Mitch Thomas, Garrick Yandle and Warren Muir.

I do apologise if there is anyone I have missed.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the 2009 sponsors and supporters of the Falcons Football club. We could not do it without you – your support is invaluable!

As we now all take a break from football I look forward to seeing many new and old faces around the club lending a hand and out on the field in 2010 and years to come.

Congratulations to all those involved in the Falcons in 2009 you should be proud!

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