The President - Steve Martyn

As we start the 2012 season I would like to welcome all old and new players to our club. It good to see so many boys on the track again. I would also like to welcome our coaches for the 2012 season. Beau McDonald (league), Clint Degebrodt and Chris Ryan (Reserves). I would also like to welcome the support staff, the Committee and last but not least our sponsors, who without would make it so hard to run a successful club. To all our supporters come on down and support your team. When we're behind, it is your support that the players need the most so I look forward to you getting down to the games and getting behind your team. I like to think the Falcons are a Family Club, so bring your kids down to the game, the more the merrier! and who knows..... you may have a player of the future in your midst. We have had a fantastic start the the season with two wins but lets but we must not be complacent. To continue this success throughout the year we need everyone to continue to play there part. Players need to keep training hard, the committee need to continue the hard work behind the scences and the game days helpers will always be needed. With that said we are always looking for another set of hands so please make it known if you are able to help out. So once again Good luck tonight to all the players and GO FALCONS.


League Coach - Beau McDonald

We managed to win our first game against the swans in a tight contest when we kicked clear by 3 goals late in the last quarter. The swans were able to score to freely out of the middle at times which gave them momentum. The mids struggled to match them in physical pressure and were often beaten to the ball, once we put some more speed into the midfield and push our wingers and forward flankers up the ground we were able to congest there forward half and open ours up. When we became more accountable in the second half we were able to push them wide to contests rather then allowing them easy run. It was a competitive win which the boys had to work hard and fight for. The better players during this game were Vic Belotti, Ash Cooper and Dylan Foster-Reed. Our second game was another close contest that we managed to win by 7 goals after a massive 3rd quarter in which we held the sharks goalless when they were with the breeze. Our midfield showed great fight and determination to win the contested ball and to get back and help the defenders. Our overall team defence was a huge improvement on round 1 with the forwards able to react quickly and push down the ground after turnovers. The better players for round 2 were Mick Formanzyck, Clint Crudelli and Chris Wailu. Thanks to all the supporters who have gotten down to the games so far and make sure you keep coming.



Reserves Coaches - Clint & Polly


Great start for the 2’s against South with a full bench and plenty of blokes on the sidelines waiting for their run. The boys played a fast and hard brand of footy that built in momentum as the game went on eventually notching up our 22nd goal late in the last. Stand out efforts from Rhett Thomas and Brendon Smyth controlling the take aways and the forward 50 entries. Big Astro controlled the ruck with Ben Brieriey as a chop out and the entire midfield group dominated. The best included Kyle Hart, Watto, Rhett, Brenno, Beau Corps and Bubba. 

The Sharks proved difficult to deal with early as they cleared the ball from the centre but defensive run from Michael Dobson, Matty George, Richie Wright, Freckle, Bonky and Bubba saw us attack from half back. Rhett ran hard in the midfield and his centre men including Barty where clever with their hands. Mark Chambers killed every contest at centre half back and Polly wound the clock back with 3 clever goals and a heap of front end pressure. Jordan Perky dominated his wing and took the players mug while Ryan Dawe was a pest for the opposition defenders deep in our attack. The entire back 6 was terrific all night Matty George one of the best on his first game back with the club, Rhett and Brenno were hard running and creative again and Gilly, Gobby, and Dobbo were brilliant all over the ground. The match included a goal with a combined age of about 91 years, ask Townie!

 There are still heaps of blokes waiting in the wings for a game and we need to respect the players that miss out by making sure we impact each contest we face. Everyone will get a game so hang around lads! 

So far we have started the Club off on a positive note each night and focused on our game rather than consider the opposition. Huge challenge against the best this weekend with the Rovers in town and the Kats the following week. If we can stay focused on our game-we should make a good fist of things.  





Make sure you see Laurie to pay your fees ($250), you can find him working in the beer van today.



Our 2012 club shirts should hopefully be here next week. This year you will see a brand new design, for a new look Falcons so stay tuned.



Thanks to our many supporters who come down to watch the boys each week, can you please remember to not bring bottle's to the oval. By supporting the beer van you are supporting the club so go see the girls in the van and grab a drink.



Make sure you find the Karratha Falcons Football Club on facey to have a look at all the game day photos curtesy of Linda at Elarz Real Pics. Feel free to add Elarz Real pics on facey to look through all the photos from last year, you can also get in touch with Linda if your interested in purchasing any of the photos and collages.







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