CLUB NEWS 2011 RND 14 - vs Rovers




Photo Courtesy Elarz Real Pics


On Saturday the 20th August we went to Port Hedland to face the table toppers in a preview of the first week of finals. With the reserves team having to forfeit due to lack of numbers and up to 10 players missing from the league we were left scratching around for a side. The 22 players that played did an amazing job showing pride in the red and blue going down by only 16 points in a huge effort. We kicked the first goal of the game and that gave everyone a huge lift with everyone getting around Vicktor Belotti after he marked and goaled. We then kept the pressure up for the rest of the quarter working hard to trail by 16 points at quarter time. The second quarter was just as tight with all the senior players stepping up and playing extremely well to keep with the Rovers and to be still 16 points behind at half time. The tackling pressure from the boys and accuracy in front of goals from the boys was a key in keeping us in touch with the rovers. We new the second half was going to be tougher still with lack of rotations and ability to move players around. The boys moved the ball well making sure to not waste any opportunities and keep the Rovers under as much pressure as possible at 3 quarter time we were down by 27 points. Towny couldn’t of been prouder of the effort so far and only asked that we make sure we don’t give up and let them run over us. The boys answered by winning the quarter and out running the rovers to have a 5 goal to 2 last quarter which has put a few doubts in the rovers minds ahead of our semi final in two weeks.

With 7 players making there league debut, Joel Harris, Mat Nowotny, Bart Dimer, Ben Walsh, Ben Briggs, Zane Fielder and Greg Townsend, they all did excellent jobs in getting us as close as we did to the Rovers. The senior players new how tough it would be and everyone of them stood up and did and excellent job with Mick Formanzyk kicking 3 goals showing why he’s captain to Vick in the forward line, Chris Wailu who smashed the 3 opposition ruckman all night that he was up against, MJ who did 4 quarters straight on the ball and was the recipient of Wailu’s excellent work, the Drummo twins up back with Lingy who had to manage a bigger work load with out the usual support from the midfield and to the wingers and flankers who ran hard everywhere all game.

It was a great game and has certainly given us a huge edge as we head into the bye this week and start preparing for the Hedland trip in 2 weeks to hopefully win a home grand final.

ROVERS    ( 15 . 15 – 105)

FALCONS ( 14 . 5 – 89)

BOG – Whole Team.

Mick F, Dave Drummo, Ian Drummo, Wailu, VB, Sully, Ben Brady, Bubba, Joel Harris, Mat Nowotny, Bart Dimer, Ben Walsh, Ben Briggs, Zane Fielder, Greg Townsend, MJ, Josh Giles, Mick Martyn, Lez, Lingy, Dayne Corp, Ash Gill.







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