CLUB NEWS 2011 - RND 4 vs Rovers



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The league side played some good footy in patches and really had a chance to win but we failed to deliver a knock out blow and were left hanging in there by some rovers inaccurate kicking. The rovers came out and kicked the first 3 goals and after we had the ball for as much of the quarter as they did it took us a while to get our first goal. We managed to go into the first break only 3 points down after some late goals. The second quarter was similar to the first where we had lots of the ball but couldn’t put any pressure on the score board with horrible kicking for goals. The rovers weren’t much better in front of goals but they did kick 3 goals to 1 for the quarter to only be 14points in front at half time. The boys came out and really wanted to give it a crack and get the win but we just weren’t good enough on the day. We only managed the one goal in the 3rd and the rovers kicked 2. In the last quarter it felt like we could come out and get the win but after the rovers kicked the 1st goal we struggled to get the points on the board only kicking one for the quarter. We ended up going down by 17points. There was still positives to come out of the game with the loss hopefully delivering us a wake up call to work harder so we can win the flag again this year.

FALCONS     (7 . 12) 54
ROVERS        (9 . 17) 71
BOG – Danny Formanzyk, Chris Wailu, Michael Martyn, Straughnie




Photo Courtesy Elarz Real Pics



On Saturday the 23rd of May we had our first of 4 bus trips for the year and we came home with out a win in either grade. In the reserves game the boys started very slowly letting the rovers kicking the first 3 goals early on. The boys started to get going eventually kicking the next 2 to only be down by 10 points at quarter time. It was pretty tight second quarter with both teams going goal for goal with the rovers managing another goal late in the quarter and we up by 15 points at half time. The boys wanted to come out better in the second half but they were missing some of the usual runners and were lacking in forward line pace. The rovers kept running and moving the ball well kicking 4 goals to none in the 3rd quarter. The boys needed to really lift to get back into it but they weren’t able to eventually losing by 43 points. The reserves had some good players with Rhys James continuing some good form racking up the touches all game while Rory McDonald worked hard throughout the day. Adrian Thirdy showed some of the other players how to use a big body as he crashed packs and tackled hard all game.

FALCONS    (6 . 4)    40
ROVERS     (12 . 11) 83
BOG – Rhys James, Jordan Perkuvitch, Rory McDonald, Adrian Third.

Photo Courtesy Elarz Real Pics




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