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Letter from John Ottaway

– Joint Founder and First Life Member 1982

The following letter was received from John after he made contact with the club in 2010.

“It was really good to have a yarn with Les Heckingbottom from the Falcons [Cardies].The hard work that Frank Butler and myself put in for those first couple of years [regularly beaten by 20 goals or more] has certainly paid off. I have made lifelong mates because of the club and at least a couple of times a year meet up with Danny Malone, Tom Benkovic, Peter Baldwin, Phil Smith, Tony Hogan ect we have a friendship that only footy clubs can bring. It’s great to hear that the club still has contact with Shane and Karen Davy, terrific stalwarts of the club plus John Sullivan, Mitch Thomas, Mark Searle and any of the other originals. I hope the club fosters junior footy. I know Mitch Thomas was doing some work there and that’s the lifeline of footy. I am still coaching kids at the Belmont Junior Footy Club. I hope the book and photos I’ve sent up are of some interest and I would like them back sometime. I think it is fantastic what you people have done with the book and website. As long as there are good dedicated people like yourselves the Mighty Falcons are in good hands for the next 30 years and beyond.

Keep your eye on the red and the blue

Regards John Ottaway”



John was the joint founder with Frank Butler, the Falcons League coach in 1980, the Reserves coach in 1982 [Premiers] and 1983 [R/Up] and Club President in 1984.He coached the league side to their first ever victory against Goldsworthy in April 1980.

The information John sent has been scanned and added to the website. Click this link to go to the gallery page down-memory-lane.






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