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The Cardinals Football Club was formed in 1979 after the collapse of the Under 16 football in the area. Frank Butler was the main drive behind the formation of the club and as Frank was a fanatical West Perth supporter this was how we got the name the Cardinals and the red & blue colours. Frank was the inaugural president of the club.

The team in the first year was mainly school teachers, bank tellers and schoolkids. In the inaugural year of 1979 only one team played in the league competition and the season saw the Cardies without a win. After 6 years in the competition the Cardinals won their first premiership in 1986.

In 1987 the club voted to change the name from Cardinals to Karratha Falcons after a big sponsorship deal from Holland Ford and therefore we became the Karratha Falcons Football & Sporting Club  named after the Ford Falcon car. The Falcons Football Club went onto to secure a hatrick of premierships but alas it would be another 18 years before we would win another.

The Club's Fairest & Best Trophy for the League is called the Barry Waters Trophy. Barry was a parent whose son played in the inaugural year and he was a sponsor of the award and trophy.

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